Bingo System Software and Bingo Card Software at GamingArts

GamingArts™ LLC is the world leader in Life Changing keno and bingo games and technologies. Founded in July 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, GamingArts™ commenced operations after acquiring the keno and bingo assets of LVGI® Las Vegas Gaming Inc., including the popular line of bingo SuperGames™ and related intellectual property. Since that time, GamingArts™ has focused on perfecting the art of Life Changing jackpots that are designed to meet the growing demands of gaming operators looking to increase revenue through fresh game ideas.

As a game-management system supplier and game designer specializing in keno, bingo and lottery products, GamingArts™ is one of the few active players developing new products in this market. In 2010, we released our unique line of patent pending Super Multi-Win™ bingo games. That same year, Flashboard Bingo™, a new fast action bingo game with a dynamic audio visual display and customizable pay tables hit the market. Then again in 2010, we installed a new Linked Progressive SuperGames™ for Charities in Michigan. Further enhancements to the Flashboard Bingo™ game came in 2011 with the release of our Super Flashboard® Multi-Bingo game providing GamingArts™ customers even more exciting game content.

In September 2012, GamingArts™ completed an acquisition of the keno business of Session Gaming™ LLC, including its keno software, systems and intellectual property as well as the industry leading Optima® Keno System that is installed in over 90 casinos and gaming locations in the U.S. GamingArts™ now supports the first of its kind web site,, which allows players easy access to view live casino keno games. Players can now buy multi-race keno tickets at casinos running our software and watch the results live from their home computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Through our expertise and principles of integrity and reliability we have developed and maintained exceptional relationships with both our customers and with gaming regulatory agencies. We are a licensed vendor with 28 Tribal Regulatory Agencies across the country and operate in or hold manufacturer, distributor and vendor licenses with the states of Arizona, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Illinois, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Montana, Oklahoma, Iowa, Michigan and Washington.

At GamingArts™ we are dedicated to advancing keno and bingo with our experienced team of gaming professionals and hi-tech experts; deploying the most creatively designed solutions in the market. Our mission is to revolutionize the gaming experience for bingo and keno enthusiasts while enhancing profitability for operators in Untied States and all throughout the world.

Time Line

  • 2009

    • July

      GamingArts™, LLC formed in Las Vegas, Nevada

    • August

      Successfully completed asset purchase for bingo assets from LVGI® Las Vegas Gaming Inc.

  • 2010

    • March

      Released patent-pending Super Multi-Win™ bingo game

    • February

      Flashboard Bingo™ approved by GLI®

    • October

      Released new Linked Progressive SuperGames™ for Charities in Michigan

  • 2011

    • March

      Purchased new building at 323 Orville Wright Court, Las Vegas NV 89119

  • 2012

    • September

      Super Flashboard™ Multi-Bingo game approved by GLI®

    • February

      Expanded Linked Progressive SuperGames™ to Illinois

    • July

      Launched — Watch Live Keno from home

    • September

      Completed acquisition of Session Gaming™ LLC keno assets, including Optima® Keno System

    • September

      Approved by NGCB for Gaming Manufacturer, Distributor, and Inter-Linked Games licenses

    • October

      Released first of its kind Pattern-Keno game

  • 2013

    • January

      Released the world's most innovative Self-Service Keno Kiosk