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Super Spin
Super Spin

WE DELIVER - To You and Your Players

Gaming Arts offers a wide array of unique computerized bingo award games operated through the Optima® Bingo System. Games delivered right to the player at their seats. Our one of a kind games reduce an operators cost while simultaneously adding tremendous excitement to any bingo room. Bingo has never been so much fun and profitable!


A bingo session where you add tremendous excitement to your game lineup while reducing your total prize costs by up to 10% on every game in a session. Our innovative game suite is a revolutionary technological innovation that provides you the ability to do just that. The results, increased attendance, increased player spend and enhanced player loyalty.

Instead of the dull wins of the past, your players will play our unique games to Super Size Their Prize™ by up to 10x or more compared to your old pay tables prizes. Adaptable not only to our wide variety of proprietary games but any game in your lineup. Once a player wins, your staff will present the player with our mobile tablet to play the game while the entire room watches with excitement on our advanced digital displays - all included at no extra charge. Even co-op advertising modules are included to advertise all your properties amenities!

An entirely new way to play and energize your bingo room.

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Various Gaming Arts computerized bingo games are patent pending