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EGM - Super Bingo Slots
Phocus™ U103
Upright Cabinet
patent pending
EGM - Super Bingo Slots

Super Bonus Bingo™ is a proud member of the SuperBingo™ family of games. A revolutionary player experience only offered by the SuperBingo™ suite of games.

Super Bonus Bingo™ offers the player a mesmerizing player experience with exciting high frequency free game bonuses with multipliers up to 5X multipliers and retriggers. The fun never stops with Super Bonus Bingo™.

Super Bonus Bingo™ is available on either the Gaming Arts exclusive patent pending Phocus™ U103 upright or Phocus™ S103 slant cabinets.


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EGM - Super Bingo Slots
Phocus™ S103
Slant Cabinet
patent pending
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