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SuperGames are based on a simple concept: offer the players Life Changing Jackpots while lowering the overall liability for the operator. This proven formula leads to enhanced player appeal, reduced volatility and better margins for your hall.

SuperGames are a suite of bingo games with customizable pay tables designed to support high stakes jackpots and reduce the jackpot liability for the operator. We work with you to develop pay tables featuring jackpots that will excite existing players and entice new players to the game. SuperGames pay tables can be designed to suit your player demographics perfectly for any size jackpot, for any pattern, and at any number of ball calls. The games can be played on all electronics and paper. This makes the game we create for your hall truly unique.

Gaming Arts assumes all of the risks and responsibilities associated with jackpot payouts. This enables you to replace some of the most expensive jackpots in your session with Life Changing Jackpots which create extreme excitement in your bingo hall. With SuperGames, there are no accruals to worry about and no huge swings in your profit to manage - Gaming Arts takes that risk while you are guaranteed a profit on every bingo card you sell.

Multi-Win games are covered by US
Patents 8,715,057 and 8,740,686