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Super Pick & Win Promo

Super BIG Promotions Gaming Arts insures all prizes up to $1,000,000! We pay the wining prize, with ZERO risk to your property! Super Big Promo’s are a great way to attract player in every single day! Why limit your giveaways to free buffets and free play? You have up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS to give away!

Big promotions can be set up and played anywhere on property! Once a player wins, your staff presents the player, at their seat, our mobile tablet to play our Super Promo™ game while the entire casino watches with excitement on our advanced digital displays and projectors all over the casino, which are included at no extra charge! Even co-op advertising modules are included to advertise all your properties amenities!

A few Super BIG Promo options - WIN A TESLA - 1 Car Per Day for 30 Days!

  • Dream House
  • Dream Vacation
  • Dream Cruise
  • Truck Giveaway
  • Harley Davidson Giveaway
  • Tesla Giveaway
  • SUV Giveaway
  • Custom Motorhome
  • Pay Your Mortgage for 1 Year
  • Any PRIZE Up to $1,000,000

  • Various Gaming Arts computerized bingo games are patent pending

    "We have a great relationship with Gaming Arts, from the time we met they’ve been genuine professionals. They really make the customer feel like we’re #1!" - Gila River Casinos, Arizona