Transforming the World of Bingo and Keno and Now Reinventing the Casino Floor

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Our EZ Kiosk is the world’s first and only freestanding and fully automated keno kiosk. It supports your play and players even when your staff has gone home for the night.

The EZ Kiosk increases profitability by capturing incremental revenue while reducing overhead and labor costs 24/7.

Our patent-pending self-service EZ Kiosk provides players with 24/7 convenience to purchase and redeem keno and/or bingo tickets. It is constructed with safety, reliability and security in mind. EZ Kiosk reduces the operational expenses associated with keno and bingo programs while extending operational hours.

    Operational Benefits

  • Self-service for player convenience
  • Reduces personnel overhead costs
  • Various quick-pick betting options
  • Features additional side-bet games
  • Way tickets with customizable bet amounts
  • Tickets with multiple patterns such as Top/Bottom
  • Support for up to 16 different games
  • Flexible betting options such as Multi-Race tickets and Future Games
  • Support for progressive/linked games
  • Offers game paytable customization
  • Capable of replaying and recalling tickets
  • Simultaneously pay/replay options for all tickets

    Standard Kiosk Configuration

  • Durable powder coated steel construction
  • JCM UBA-10-SS bill validator
  • Customizable body wrap
  • Multi color LEDs
  • Customizable LED lit dura-trans
  • 19" touchscreen display
  • Solid state, fanless computer
  • 4" Thermal ticket printer
  • Image barcode scanner
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • ADU door switch controller
  • Dual amplified stereo speakers
  • Optional base & overhead display
  • Auto switching power 100-240, 50-60hz
EZ Kiosk display

EZ Kiosk has been certified by GLI and approved by NGCB and NIGC.