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The world’s first suite of Million Dollar Keno Games dedicated to enhancing the player experience and operator profitability. The world's most unique 4 Spot game can be played as a standalone game or added to almost any other keno game as a side bet.

Keno Millions is a game changer for the game of keno. It is the world's first and only 4 Spot Keno game that will excite your players and your bottom line! Over 5X BETTER ODDS to WIN the MegaProgressives and Grand Prizes and nearly 3X MORE WINS OVERALL compared to similar games. If one of your players hits the Grand Prize, we don't charge you a deductible, we pay you - the operator - a reward of up to $25,000!

Keno Millions both excites your players and increases your player base while enhancing your bottom line. A win-win for all. Whether you implement our regular Keno Millions suite or our suite of Keno Millions MegaProgressive games (where permitted), your keno operation will never be the same.

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Multi-Win games are covered by US
Patents 8,715,057 and 8,740,686