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The Optima® System is the world’s most popular and robust game management system available anywhere and is a Nevada approved and GLI certified system offering state-of- the-art technology and a truly inspiring array of games. The Optima® System supports operators throughout the US all the way to the Pacific rim.

The Optima® System is a Nevada approved and GLI certified system that uses the latest technologies for offering and managing any kind of "numbers-game" such as keno, bingo, lottery across multiple locations. The system also offers progressive jackpots that can be shared by multiple wide-area servers and terminals. By using the Internet and the latest networking protocols and communication lines, the Optima® System's scalable architecture is so powerful that it can run thousands of terminals and satellite locations to server an entire state or a countries lottery business with minimum hardware and operational costs.

The Optima® System is approved by Nevada Gaming Commission as well as certified by GLI for many states and jurisdictions and has been installed in casinos and gaming locations across the U.S. The Optima® System is approved both as a Class III game, e.g. "Keno", and a Class II game, e.g. "Bingo", making it a unique dual purpose system for jurisdictions that allow Keno, Bingo or both Keno and Bingo games.

THE OPTIMA® SYSTEM Includes Tremendously Powerful Functionality and Operability:

Optima System POS
  • Operates and manages up to 16 different games and 32 progressive meters
  • Also supports a bingo-style games with 75 number draws
  • Optional number drawing e.g. a built in RNG, a hardware RNG or a ball blower
  • Wide area progressive games shared between multiple casinos
  • Encrypted and secured communication technologies
  • Elegant video displays with OpenGL graphics and advertising capabilities
  • All in one touch-screen terminals with minimal footprint and customer display
  • Login fingerprint recognition technology
  • Robust and secure back-end server with data loss prevention architecture
  • Custom reports for game management
  • Wireless or wired networking of terminals
  • Player tracking interface with real-time updates
  • Full accounting and audit package with remote downloading
  • Tournaments and special pay tables
  • Bonus pay tables including the popular MULTIPLIER® Keno
  • Lottery style games and ticketing, including
  • Remote ticket checking and automated calling of numbers with custom voices

Please use the links below to download more information about the Optima System:

Optima Service

Optima® System Maintenance & Service

Our experienced 24/7 customer service and support teams provide both on-site and remote diagnostics support. Gaming Arts offers customized service-level agreements to meet the specific service and support needs of gaming operators.