Transforming the World of Bingo and Keno and Now Reinventing the Casino Floor

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Optima® Keno Games are based on a simple concept: offer the players the most inspiring games available anywhere. These are not the keno games of the old days. All of our games are designed to enhance the player experience and your bottom line.

Optima® Keno Games are a suite containing both modern and traditional keno games. We work with you to develop a game suite unique to your property that will excite existing players and entice new players to the game. Isn't it time that you reinvigorate your keno operation?

In many cases, Gaming Arts will assume the jackpot risk and responsibility for high jackpot payouts. This allows you to eliminate the risk in many of your most expensive games while still offering games with the excitement of Life Changing Jackpots. With Optima® Keno Games, there are no huge swings in your profit to manage - Gaming Arts takes that rish for you.

Multi-Win games are covered by US
Patents 8,715,057 and 8,740,686