Keno Games

Optima® Keno Games are a suite containing both modern and traditional keno games. We work with you to develop a game suite unique to your property that will excite existing players and entice new players to the game. Isn't it time that you reinvigorate your keno operation?

In many cases, Gaming Arts will assume the jackpot risk and responsibility for high jackpot payouts. This allows you to eliminate the risk in many of your most expensive games while still offering games with the excitement of Life Changing Jackpots. With Optima® Keno Games, there are no huge swings in your profit to manage - Gaming Arts takes that rish for you.

The world’s first suite of Million Dollar Keno Games dedicated to enhance the player experience & operator profitability. Your players can WIN up to $1,000,000 in CASH.

Keno Millions is a game changer for the game of keno. It is the world's first and only 4 Spot Keno game that will excite your players and your bottom line! Over 5X BETTER ODDS to WIN the MegaProgressives and Grand Prizes and nearly 3X MORE WINS OVERALL compared to similar games. If one of your players hits the Grand Prize, we don't charge you a deductible, we pay you - the operator - a reward of up to $25,000!

Keno Millions both excites your players and increases your player base while enhancing your bottom line. A win-win for all. Whether you implement our regular Keno Millions suite or our suite of Keno Millions MegaProgressive games (where permitted), your keno operation will never be the same.

EZ Keno Kiosk

Our EZ Kiosk is the world’s first and only freestanding and fully automated keno kiosk. It supports your play and players even when your staff has gone home for the night. The EZ Kiosk increases profitability by capturing incremental revenue while reducing overhead and labor costs 24/7.

Our patent-pending self-service EZ Kiosk provides players with 24/7 convenience to purchase and redeem keno and/or bingo tickets. It's constructed with safety, reliability and security in mind. EZ Kiosk reduces the operational expenses associated with keno & bingo programs while extending operational hours. At Gaming Arts, we're dedicated to advancing the game of Keno with our experienced team of gaming professionals & hi-tech experts deploying the most creatively designed solutions in the market. Our mission is to provide the most advanced and robust gaming platform available as well as the most profitable games & products offered anywhere.