Keno Games

Optima® Keno Games are a suite containing both modern and traditional keno games. We work with you to develop a game suite unique to your property that will excite existing players and entice new players to the game. Isn't it time that you reinvigorate your keno operation?

In many cases, Gaming Arts will assume the jackpot risk and responsibility for high jackpot payouts. This allows you to eliminate the risk in many of your most expensive games while still offering games with the excitement of Life Changing Jackpots. With Optima® Keno Games, there are no huge swings in your profit to manage - Gaming Arts takes that risk for you.

EZ KENO® Kiosk 

EZ KENO® Kiosk is the world’s only self-service kiosk that provides players with 24-hour convenience – enabling them to purchase and redeem keno tickets without visiting a cashier or waiting for a ticket collector to come around.

In addition to standard keno play, EZ KENO® offers a broad library of unique and exciting keno games and player-favorite features including quick picks, side bets, simultaneous pay and replay, and much more – all through an easy, familiar, non-intimidating experience that allows even the keno novice to quickly learn the game and features!

EZ KENO® is designed with numerous innovative features for players, including:
  • Various quick-pick betting options
  • Additional side-bet games
  • Standard and way tickets with customizable bet amounts
  • Tickets with multiple patterns such as top/bottom
  • Flexible betting options such as multi-race tickets and future games
  • Capable of replaying and recalling tickets
  • Simultaneous pay/replay options for all tickets

Keno Kiosk Color Options